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Miral enables seamless visitor journeys

BY: Ali Nimer, executive director for digital and technology at Miral

Embracing technology is no longer an option. It is an essential part of how we operate as a business. Consumers expect and demand digital experiences and we therefore need to engage with customers on their terms in order to meet and exceed their expectations.

In no industry is this more applicable than the leisure and entertainment sector. Innovating through the adoption of technology is essential to sustain a competitive edge and enhance visitor experiences. We aim to create a seamless journey for our guests by bridging the gap between physical and digital, developing Yas Island into a wall-less destination where the fun begins before guests arrive and continues after they leave.

At Miral, technology is at the heart of our business ecosystem, from digital front-end customer experience to the intelligent back-end platforms which fuel our services. We recognise the importance of technology and the fundamental role it plays in transforming the business. In areas such as data analytics and digital marketing, it empowers us to reach new markets, launch new products and develop agile business models that respond to customer needs and demands.

One of our foundational digital platforms is “My-Connect”, which is essential in helping us activate and achieve this mission. Its vision is to provide robust digital capabilities to all Miral assets through an integrated solution. MyConnect has several built-in tools:

■ MyCRM enables our team to manage the customer journey and track interactions to ensure a positive experience for all users.

■ MyPass is a unique customer ID, coupled with a single customer view. This helps us deliver a seamless and consistent guest experience powered by a unique customer identity. The analysis of deep customer data and insights is a powerful tool that allows for improved targeting of promotions, cross-selling and up-selling.

■ MyInsights complements MyCRM and MyPass as a powerful business intelligence platform for executives to access real time information and support decision making.

A key pillar of MyConnect is innovation. We believe in continuous innovation via technology, to disrupt the norm, challenge ourselves while keeping customer experience at the heart of everything we do.

Miral uses data gathered from day to-day park operations and visitation to conduct predictive modeling that enhances visitors’ experiences. For instance, we can predict visitor footfall and conduct customer targeting that is much more tailored, based on the patterns we see from the data.

In light of Covid-19, the need for disrupting customer experience, and introducing frictionless touch points with our assets is a reality.

We are currently looking into introducing facial recognition in our theme parks and attractions, with the aim to provide an enhanced, frictionless experience.


Continuous learning

Design and construction technology is reshaping the industry and helping streamline the process in various ways.

We constantly monitor the latest advancements in the industry to evolve our developments in line with worldclass standards. We deploy a number of foundational technologies that streamline the design and construction of our projects including program portfolio management, reporting and dash boarding and ERPs.

Miral and its partners are early adopters of BIM. This system is currently being implemented on some of our flagship developments.

Through BIM, we have digitised our construction site and connected project information from design through construction and handover. It has also helped us make better design decisions and collaborate more effectively throughout the project lifecycle.

We are seeing more technologies that are changing the game across the industry such as Big Data, artificial intelligence, robotics, internet of things (IoT), augmented reality/virtual reality, digital twins and cloud computing.

Data gathered through the various technologies in the design and construction process, such as IoT, sensors, and digital twin, can provide granular and real-time views of projects.

As a result, this enables a transformational shift in operations from a reactive to a proactive approach. When implemented, predictive technologies allow organisations to forecast maintenance requirements before a problem even occurs, minimising downtime and enhancing health and safety.

As a leading curator of experiences and the developer of award-winning attractions, we have witnessed first-hand the effect of adopting technology on the performance of our business.

As well as supporting advancements in project management and construction, there are tangible enhancements in customer experience enabled by digital tools. Solutions such as cloud computing, Big Data, and predictive analytics have enhanced the way we operate as a business and manage our destinations and attractions.

As an industry leader, we believe we have demonstrated how technology can enhance our customer-centric approach. We have also shown partners that we are embracing digital innovations that benefit the overall delivery of projects.

It is our belief that through the practical and tangible demonstration of technology’s positive impact we will see increased momentum and even more innovation.




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